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The Spectacular Ulysse Nardin Freak S watch Review

The Spectacular Ulysse Nardin Freak S watch

The new model of the Ulysse Nardin series has been unveiled this year. It has a lot of tech wonders and other unique features in its design.

Freak S 2022

Freak series has been on the market since 2001Twenty years later, this exact year, Ulysse Nardin added two new models to the line. Moreover, the manufacturer has greatly improved their interiors. The new Freak S employs a unique caliber with several technical characteristics.

Moreover, the brand’s designer entails cramming unexpected state-of-the-art tech into calibers with classic grace.


The automated Calibre UN-251 has two oscillators, each angled at twenty degrees and positioned on separate axes. The watch’s remarkable mechanical system is fully visible. The two huge balance wheels vibrate at 18,000 times per hour.  There is a spinning luminous pointer on the dial’s perimeter to indicate hours.


Freak S has a truly unique style. It appears to be ready for intergalactic travel based on its design. The central component of the movement resembles a spacecraft. 

Also, the model has a new casing. It uses various materials such as gold and titanium and has a resistance to water for up to 30 meters. The Freak line has always been about reinventing classics, and Ulysse Nardin never fails to surprise us. The amazing model is a limited edition of 75 items and is priced at $137,200. You can find out more about this watch here.



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