The Specialized McLaren S-Works Tarmac Bike

The Specialized McLaren S-Works Tarmac Bike Review

The Specialized-McLaren bike was the peak of carbon fiber bike design. It became the outcome of McLaren’s advanced research techniques. A data innovative simulator and information collecting procedures are among them.

Specialized bike is the result of collaboration with McLaren with only 250 units available globally.

The methods of creation

McLaren’s methods allow them to develop and test vehicles even before placing carbon in a mold. Most importantly, the production of carbon bike frames has the same procedure as McLaren‘s F1 vehicles. In addition, the Tarmac is presented in six different sizes, ranging from 48 to 61cm.

The production line

With McLaren’s take on the Tarmac, Specialized’s biggest problem was creating it. Specialized designed a unique production line to meet the stringent requirements of this extremely limited run. Moreover, only the most experienced specialists worked on it.

The line has a constant range of temperatures and a vacuum mode to store frame molds. These are both methods that McLaren uses in its car manufacturing.

Getting a bike

The procedure of obtaining the $20,000 bike is not simple. First, you must register on the Specialized website, and then reserve it. Each bike comes with a helmet and S-Works shoes. 

Here you can learn more about this very special limited-edition bike.

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