The Orient Express Is Back And It’s More Opulent Than Ever

The Orient Express Is Back And It’s More Opulent Than Ever

Due to enhanced offerings, better access, and a focus on sustainability, trains have gained popularity among travelers during the past couple of years.

Magic Find

The origin of this tale goes back to French railway enthusiast Arthur Mettetal, who discovered  13 blue, white roof carriages at a Maaszewicze station in Poland. These carriages turned out to be a true Orient Express train.


The revival of the original Orient Express is the most recent development in the realm of new railway projects. The French company Accor is bringing back the train that, over 140 years ago, completely transformed the way people traveled in style.

Beginning in 2024, the legendary train will be ready to begin operating once more between Paris and the rest of the world, bringing back the opulent travels of its glory.   

Restoration and insights

The vice president of the Orient Express claims that the renovated train would be “a dream on wheels.” It will consist of 17 vehicles: 12 sleeping cars,  three lounges, a caboose, and a restaurant. They’re all from the 1920s and 1930s.

The knowledgeable crew utilizes archive materials to revive the railway carriages to their original Art Deco splendor. Furthermore, the historical records of the railway serve as a rich source of guidance.

The woodwork and decorative features of the train are gorgeous. Moreover, etched wall patterns and the fascinating Lalique panels of the carriages will also be present throughout the train after their restoration.

In addition, there is the idea for a “Winter Garden” in one of the carriages. Tickets will go on sale in 2023. Without a doubt, you should not miss the opportunity to become a part of the magic travel.

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