The New Era Of Individual-Sized Wine Bottles

The New Era Of Individual-Sized Wine Bottles

The glass-sized bottles of wine begin a fresh chapter thanks to Maie Wines, a new wine firm from the USA.


Maie Wines is a business that is run by women. They produce precisely formatted drinks suitable for numerous occasions. This business delivers lovely-sized bottles of wine to you!


The bottle has a size of 187m. It is ideal for savoring on your own, with friends who have various wine tastes, or when hosting visitors. It’s simpler to accommodate everyone else’s likes when using Maie’s individual-sized bottles, whether you’re having a huge party or a small home event. Their three flavors have been created by a female winemaker with meal matching in mind.


All wines from Maie have environmentally friendly packaging. You can recycle every glass bottle over and over again. Up to eighty percent of glass bottle recycling occurs typically. Moreover, recycling glass helps to protect the natural environment and save a sizable quantity of raw materials.


For $79 and $96, correspondingly, nine-packs and twelve-packs of wine are available. For $35, the company’s Discovery Pack comes with a bottle of each kind of wine and a wine glass. The business also provides club memberships.

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