The Most Talked-About Fragrances Of 2023

The Most Talked-About Fragrances Of 2023

A new fragrance is always thrilling. Let’s talk about the brand-new scents available today. We’ve compiled the greatest new fragrances of 2022 and 2023. 

Dream Dusk

Eight perfumes from Estee Lauder’s newest range of high-end scents were inspired by the world of nature itself. We’ve already acquainted you with Blushing Sands from this collection. Our second favorite is Dream Dusk.  This is a floral scent with notes of geranium and black currant.

It has a delicate, energetic aroma that is quite cheery and springlike.

Cherry Smoke 

This time, Tom Ford combined the delicate notes of osmanthus and apricot with the dark undertones of the wood. The note of leather in this perfume is smokey and warm. Moreover, when activated by your warmth, this Eau de perfume emits a seductive, scent.

Creed Wind Flowers 

This beautiful chypre begins with delicate jasmine, white flowers, and a delectable peach note before settling into a deep foundation of mild and sensitive rose that gives it its depth. To begin with, sandalwood is surrounded by a whirl of musk and iris notes. Additionally, the velvety, creamy praline gives brilliance and sensitivity to this lovely aroma.

Overall, it has a strong floral aroma with a base of powder and honey. It performs and projects beautifully. If you are interested, you can get more information from our previous article.

Black Opium Illicit Green

Yves Saint Laurent raises its bestseller to new heights with this flanker. The nose behind the  Black Opium Illicit Green is a famous fragrance expert Nathalie Lorson. Firstly, this sensory unisex aroma has inside notes of fruits and flowers blended with the coffee accent. Consider it the fruitier sibling of the band’s initial scent.

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