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The most nutrient-dense foods in the world

The most nutrient-dense foods in the world

Nutritious foods don’t have to be high in calories. They give you a feeling of satiety over time, which means the number of snacks and the number of calories you consume will be reduced.


Salmon has the highest amounts of omega-3 acids. They are essential for the elasticity and health of skin and hair. Also, acids help the vessels to be stronger. Wild salmon is more nutritious.

Our dish choice: Honey garlic salmon.


Kale is beneficial for those with a vegetarian diet and calcium deficiency. It also contains 200% of the daily norm of Vitamin C.

Our dish choice: Kale soup.


Seaweed provides even more nutrients than vegetables. For example, nori contains protein but fats are completely absent in them. They are popular in Asian cuisine and are used in cooking rolls or miso soup.

Our dish choice: Nori wraps.


Garlic is an amazing vegetable. Not only does it make the dishes tasty, but it is also very nutritious. The cloves of this plant contain calcium, iron, copper, and vitamin B1. Moreover, garlic has high antibacterial properties.

Our dish choice: Garlic and Parmesan Shrimp.


Oysters, mussels, and scallops are eaten raw or cooked. Shellfish have a high content of vitamin B12. In addition, they are a valuable source of protein.

Our dish choice: Spicy seafood spaghetti.

According to Healthline this list also includes potato, dark chocolate, egg yolks, blueberry, liver, and sardines. Scientists have also studied more than a thousand foods and assigned a nutritional value to each of them. The higher the value, the more this product meets the daily needs of the body in a particular element.



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