The Maserati GranTurismo EV

The Maserati GranTurismo EV Review

GranTurismo Electric, Maserati’s first completely electric vehicle, has been recently introduced. It has a powerful motor and outstanding design features.


The new car is the first completely electric Maserati of the new generation. It has a thick boot, a pretty elongated top, and a diving roofline. The new GranTurismo Electric’s overall design is remarkably similar to the previous generation GT.


When it comes to design, it’s very close to the Alfieri Concept. There’s also the usual massive Maserati front, massive air intakes – supposedly to help cool the batteries – and a solid top.

Aside from the cover, the new lights, which are similar to previous models, and a slew of massive wheels are also visible. All in all, it has a very traditional appearance. This model will have a better driving range and faster charging periods.

Safety Measures

The manufacturer offers pedestrian recognition and the automatic emergency braking. There is a traffic warning system. There is also the semi-autonomous driving mode and driver assistance systems.

Here, you can get more information on the product.

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