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The Limited Edition Set From The Most Iconic Marvel Movie

The Limited Edition Set From The Most Iconic Marvel Movie

With the Black Panther Replica Set from Zavvi that includes T’Challa’s Necklace and Kimoyo Beads, you can defend your kingdom or even the whole world.

These relics from the 2018 blockbuster Black Panther mimic the movie’s artifacts with great precision. Each limited edition item in this set has a unique identifier and comes with a special certificate. 

T’Challa’s Necklace Replica

Put on your breathtaking claw necklace imitation, which was meticulously created using movie inspirations. The creators made it for the world of Marvel movies. With the use of this cutting-edge nanotechnology, the T’Challa can act as fast as lightning. 

Any clothing will look stylish when worn with this accurate imitation. For cosplayers, on the other hand, this makes a fantastic showcase element.

Kimoyo Beads Replica

You can wear Kimoyo Beads imitation, which is based on the innovative technology of Wakanda, instead of regular jewelry. Every bead has a unique sign engraved into it, much like in the movie.

The package for the items is a sleek black box with a lovely glossy panther logo design.

Do not hesitate long to purchase this amazing collectible, cause it’s limited!



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