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The Impossible World of Motorcycles In Barry’s Amazing Book

The Impossible World of Motorcycles In Barry’s Amazing Book

This exceptional book examines the top bikes of the 20th century from every possible perspective.


Ian Barry is an accomplished artist and designer. The world knows him for his wholly unique motorbikes created on the frame and engine basis of British post-war bikes. In addition, he makes an exclusive aesthetic refinement and is very careful for use of materials. Lots of famous media highlighted his creations.


The motorbike has gone a long way from a simple vehicle to a cool symbol of exquisite luxury and legendary independence. Motorcycles are undeniably fascinating—their power, style, and drivers are all fragments of the undeniable appeal.

This volume was released in 2013 as part of Assouline’s series. This remarkable book is a limited edition that examines the top 100 bikes of the last century.

The Impossible Collection of Motorcycles is a compilation of the most extraordinary bikes. Each one is distinctive and has been chosen for its significance, revolution in performance and design, and uniqueness.

Availability and Price

The book comes in a black capsule box. This piece of memorabilia will attract enthusiasts and motorcycle fans alike. You can order yours at Bookdepository priced at $1,126.



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