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The Hermès Plein Air Line Review

The Hermès Plein Air Line

Hermès’ new collection of beauty products is the modern solution of the premium house that focuses on boosting natural beauty and natural skincare promotion. 


The components such as mulberry, different oils, and other ingredients are assisting the skin to function properly.

The scents

Hermès used arnica and other green notes throughout the collection. This offers an atmosphere of an exclusive fragrance created by a prominent perfumer, author of numerous world-known fragrances, such as Miss Dior Cherie, Christine Nagel.


A tinted balm, a radiant powder, and natural fiber blotting sheets are among the products in the collection It emphasizes natural components over synthetic ones.

Hermès’ new foundation edition covers skin much better than any BB cream and provides a more natural look.  Every detail is carefully thought out, including packaging, and design. 

Along with a foundation balm, the Hermès beauty collection also includes wipes, powder, and a highlighter.

You can buy a new product line on the official Hermes site.



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