The Gray Alter Ego iPhone 13 case

The Gray Alter Ego iPhone 13 Case Review

GRAY luxury company was founded to celebrate the business mindset and to act as a window into the future. Its history begins now, and its heritage is in the future. It is courageous, powerful, and determined.


The company promises that everyone will note your Alter Ego iPhone case.

Moreover, this case transforms your iPhone into a magnificent item of force in your hands. You are unique so you deserve something special for your phone. That was the idea that primarily inspired the designers of the case.

If the iPhone 13 costs $1099, this case will set you back nearly three times as much. The item is part of an ultra-premium iPhone cases line of the worldwide luxury Gray company and its Alter Ego brand.


First of all, the case is made completely of an aerospace-grade titanium alloy – Grade 5 Titanium – using high-precision equipment.

Next, there is a special surface finish on the top. Also, the designers used the physical vapor deposition (PVD) method for the gold coating. PVD enables a very thin yet smooth gold coating, which is popular in watches and jewelry making.


You can find only 500 pieces of this breathtaking product worldwide.  It costs $2699. In fact, the Gold case isn’t the most costly in this line of luxurious cases. The “Aurora” model is more colorful and costs $3199.

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