The First Hyper-SUV In The World: Lotus Has Debuted Eletre

The First Hyper-SUV In The World: Lotus Has Debuted Eletre

The current process of assembling the new Lotus model as a truly international hypercar has accomplished its biggest landmark.


 Eletre is a truly remarkable model.

It has five doors, which never has been observed in sports car classes before. However, it continues to be a genuine Lotus, a stunning automobile that is armed with cutting-edge equipment, and ease of operation, created by an enthusiastic and international staff. The new model possesses all individuality and charisma.


It has four-wheel drive. With a battery capacity of more than 100 kWh, it has a wide range of driving possibilities. A 350kW charger will also provide a 400km range in a very short time.

Driving innovations, such as the LIDAR system, have been used in a mass-produced identical model for the first time. In addition, state-of-the-art aerodynamics rounds out the uniqueness of the SUV.


The key to the design is air porosity.  The interior uses lightweight materials. The catchphrase here is eco-friendliness. The resilient microfiber is the material of all the car’s touchpoints. The car will celebrate its release first in Europe. Launches in other countries starting in 2023. Here you can get more latest updates from Lotus

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