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The ‘Bowmore No Corners to Hide’ Review

Bowmore, a whiskey manufacturer, has unveiled the debut of ‘Bowmore No Corners to Hide,’ a new line of beverages based on an ancient legend.

The story behind

The famous distillery has been capturing the spirit of Islay for a long time. This island has a lot of amazing tales and stories to tell.

The story that inspired the collection dwelled that Devil visited the round island church, with no corners to hide. So. the locals followed him to the distillery where he hid in a cask with no corners to hide either.


First of all, this release includes two customized whiskies: 23-year-old and 32-year-old variations. Both editions come in a stunning package decorated with gold and black mythological artwork. The authors of such a masterpiece are Frank Quitely, the artist of Marvell Comics, and Ron Welsh, the master of blending from Bowmore.

Also, the 23-year-old bottles spent two years in aroma enhancer made from wood after maturing. The older version of the second bottle went through the same procedure but has a somewhat deeper taste as a result of the extended maturing time.

The limited-edition series is available for your order here.



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