The Best Free Alternatives to Google Photos in 2021

The Best Free Alternatives to Google Photos in 2021

Google Photos stopped allowing unlimited storage of high-quality photos. This benefit was terminated on June 1, 2021.

What is ahead?

Google Photos is a handy photo and video storage service. However, the news that storing photos after reaching the size of 15 MB in this service will become chargeable, forced many users to consider alternative ways of storing photos.

What are the best substitutes?

These alternatives are variable according to different blogs, surveys, and sources, but there are some of them, on which all of the above agreed. They are considered the best in terms of security, price, and space.

Amazon Photos

The serviceability of Amazon Photos is quite considerable. However, Prime users will get the most benefits from it.

  • It offers unlimited high-quality photo storage.
  • Prime members will get an additional 5GB for video storage.
  • You can back up all photos on your computer with the Amazon Photo app.
  • Non-Prime users will be offered 5GB of storage space.


Flickr is one of the best photo-managing applications.

  • This service has a simple user-friendly interface.
  • It provides numerous sharing features.
  • There are different options for editing your photos as well.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is not a photo-based application. It has a photo-storage option.

  • There is an auto-sync to Windows desktop option.
  • It allows 5 GB of free storage space without a subscription.
  • You will have in-app photo-editing possibilities.

There are also Piwigo,  NordLoker, and some other services on the list. It is for you, to make a choice, and find the one that meets your needs perfectly. You can find more information on the topic here.



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