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The Beatles Arcade Pinball Machine Review and Pricing

The Beatles Arcade Pinball Machine


Stern’s Beatles pinball machine is also a time machine for the players that takes them back to the good old days of Fab Four introducing a retro game space but with a new modern vision. The game also includes Ed Sullivan’s introductions and songs, famous in the whole world.

Best for

For professional pinball players and family activities

Not for

Those who are not fans of The Beatles music. 

Each model comes with a one-of-a-kind art package and custom powder-coated armor.There are three editions of the product: diamond, gold, and platinum.The game will not work in countries that use 50-cycle electricity.
Stand-up and drop targets, as well as flippers, and spinners are featured on the playfield.There are no service plans available.
The game also offers 9 famous Beatles songs.



Additional info

  • The 100 Diamond Editions are of limited quantity and come with a mirrored backglass.
  • The item weighs 256 pounds.
  • The pinball machine has a catching magnet for the ball.
  • You will be able to enjoy animations as well as a game score on the video screen with high definition.


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