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The Battle of Issus Chess Set Review

The Battle of Issus Chess Set

M. S. Rau Antiques from New Orleans has presented the incredible Battle of Issus Chess Set. In fact, this is the most outstanding and luxurious item ever created. The chess set has the name of the famous ancient battle of the League of Corinth and the Persian Army.

The set

It took approximately 583 days to produce the incredible Battle of Issus Set. The professional jeweler created the exquisite item in a very special way. He managed to make each gold piece from the set, adorned with semiprecious gemstones and vividly enameled really standing out. Furthermore, every figure has a mechanical movement, and they all sit on a mahogany table, which is accompanied by 19th-century chairs.

The figures

The set includes pieces that depict Greek and Persian gods, ancient architecture, and different creatures.  Alexander the Great and King Darius III are the kings in this game. Queen Athena, the Greek goddess of war, stands by Alexander’s side, while Darius’ queen piece is the winged Persian god of war. In addition, the figures of horsemen and footmen are all equipped with different types of weapons.

Each figure is standing on a  pink rhodonite or green malachite base that can cause each piece to move uniquely with its twist. The amazing objects, which have such a rich look, seem to be alive.

The price of the whole set is $ $1,985,000. Here you can find more information on the item.



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