Techniques for fast and easy fall asleep

Techniques for fast and easy fall asleep

Troubled sleep? For sure you wandered, at least one time, during some of your sleepless nights was there any way for that to be prevented, or is there even a technique for instant falling asleep?


Sleeping is one of the essential biological functions of our body. It is estimated that we spend almost one-third of our life sleeping. With its importance, you must have both quality and quantity of it. It is not always easy, but there are ways to enhance it. 

Top sleeping techniques

Now, we are going to present you top 4 techniques, and briefly to explain you why is that.

  • Marine technique,

This technique is most commonly used by US marines. It is consisted of imagining that you are lying in a boat, in the middle of a steady water lake. Around you, nothing is happening, and you hear only natural noises like birds whistling and the breeze blowing. While completely relaxing in your bed, you will visualize yourself in one of the most comfortable situations, which will trick your brain and help you fall asleep.

  • ASMR videos,

Try to watch some of the ASMR videos. Those videos are containing sensations that are helping your brain to relax. To find it just type “ASMR sleeping“ in your YouTube search.

  • Comfortable situation,

If you can’t clear your mind, just think of some situation where you were confident and comfortable. For example, some presentations that already happened, where you had a good time while presenting it. This will put your brain in comfort mode, and help you fall asleep faster.

  • General advice during the day,

Some non-instant solution is to make “preparations” during the day for your sleeping. Cut your caffeine and nicotine intake, do some training (but not less than 3 hours before sleeping), try not to sleep during the day for more than half an hour, and increase your exposure to bright sunlight.

More techniques

If you can’t fall asleep during the nights so easily, then try some of those methods. If none of them will work for you, then you can check for more here.



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