Surfside Condo Collapse: Is Luxury Tower Construction Nearby the Reason?

Surfside Condo Collapse: Is Luxury Tower Construction Nearby the Reason?

On June 24, part of the Champlain Towers South collapsed in Miami. According to officials, there were more than 130 apartments in the building Approximately half of them collapsed. A large-scale operation continues at the scene.

What happened?

It is seen on aerial photographs that the pool and the courtyard collapsed into an underground parking lot. It is still unclear what exactly caused the collapse of the building, which was constructed 40 years ago. However, there are some assumptions.

Eighty Seven Park Tower

In 2019 the construction began next door to Champlain Towers. People were worried that it is too close to their building.  Inhabitants of Champlain Towers South also complained of strong vibration, but they were only advised to keep observing the situation.

Experts believe this was the cause of a ground movement increase. The building of the luxury tower Eighty Seven Park could have lead to cracks in the foundation and the collapse of the building.

Another version

During the inspection of the building in 2018, a design miscalculation was found. The pool did not have a slope for water drainage. This caused the systematic damage of the concrete slab underneath.

The investigation is ongoing. People from nearby houses are demanding guarantees that their homes are not in danger. Here you can find more information on the topic.

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