Superplexus Vortex Three-Dimensional Spherical Labyrinth

Superplexus Vortex Three-Dimensional Spherical Labyrinth Review

Do you recall that old wooden labyrinth puzzle? You had to guide a little steel ball through a series of mazes. Its big brother Superplex Vortex is a massive, three-dimensional, spherical maze that’ll test your skills.


The Superplexus Vortex is a game that tests your physical dexterity and spatial awareness by requiring you to maneuver a wooden ball through a maze of chicanes, multi-planar hairpin twists, stairs, and spirals. And there is also a vortex as the name indicates!


Michael McGinnis developed and handcrafted this magnificent puzzle. Each one takes an astonishing 400 hours to build. The track is made from birch and is set inside a 92-centimeter diameter acrylic sphere. The user may tilt the sphere in any direction using a stainless steel mount.

Fortunately, there are indications to show which direction you should try to move the ball. The voyage will need at least 425 turns to complete. Don’t worry about your abilities to solve this monster puzzle –  the difficulty level may be adjusted.

Other puzzles

So, the Superplexus is a challenging game that may keep you occupied for days or even months. Purchase it for $30,000 and hope to get a lot of bang for your money. The price tag on this exquisite brainteaser is much too high for most people. However, the Perplexus, a smaller, portable version that is far more inexpensive and just as mind-bending fun, is available for the rest of us.

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