Stocks to watch in the post-Corona world

Stocks to watch in the post-Corona world

Even that we are on the verge of the second (in some parts of the world even third) wave of Coronavirus, with the breakout of the vaccines that entered the final stage of development, we can say that, at least, the normalization of the situation isn’t that far. For sure that normalization will bring huge turmoil to the stock market.

Post-Corona effects on the market

Since the COVID-19 pandemic brought the lockdown in a lot of countries, which, for many companies meant that they are out of business. Also, on the other hand, companies that don’t require a physical presence for doing business, like online services providers, have experienced a boom. Now, as we are getting closer to the vaccine in full use, those tides could be turned.

Why is that so?

As the stories about the vaccines entering the last stage started at the end of October, the growth of 20% in searches in October 2020 vs November 2020 has been noted. We assume that these are the major businesses that will profit, and which stocks will grow because of this recovery. 

  • Airlines, 

Since most of the flights have been canceled, as well as traveling was forbidden during the lockdown, this branch, will for sure have exponential growth in the post-Corona world.

  • Restaurants,

Even that most of the restaurants worked under some kind of limits, they probably suffered a very hard hit from the COVID-19 impact. 

  • Hotels, 

Because of the, almost, whole international traffic has been suspended, almost every hotel was out of the business. The end of this crisis could be a major turnaround for them.

How to invest?

First, investing in any of the listed business is still very risky. For now, patience is your greatest ally. You should follow the situation on the market, as well as the situation with crisis solving, in other words, vaccine development. Regarding these factors, you should decide how to invest. You can find more about investing in the post-Corona world here.



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