Stilnend Binoculars Review & Pricing


Stilnend Binoculars is adult binocular with 12 x 50 HD zoom.

Best for

Bird watching, traveling, concerts, hunting…

Not for

Watching complex small details or complete darkness.

– Has an anti-slip grid.
– The zoom is waterproof.
– Focusing is very simple and easy
– Can be used with both glasses on or off.
– Light and modern design.
– Since it has weak light vision, it could encounter problems when it is dark.
– Focus knob could be difficult for turning.


$55.99 per product.

Additional info

  • It is equipped with a 50mm multi-layer objective green film lens,
  • Field of view is 114/1000m,
  • It comes with a large smart BAK-4 prism,
  • Weighted 1.1 pounds (around 500 grams),
  • Fully multi-coated lens,
  • Eyepiece diameter is 24mm,
  • It is ranked as the number one product in the binoculars category,
  • For a warranty, you have to contact the seller directly.

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