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Spike-Covered Sea Urchin Bean Bag Chair Review

Spike-Covered Sea Urchin Bean Bag Chair

For most people, a piece of good furniture buying means finding something you like at a reasonable price. However, like with other things, some people follow alternative rules. The only way to live for these privileged few is to furnish their houses with the most luxurious furniture and accessories.

When money isn’t an issue, buying a chair for the price of an average monthly income seems acceptable.

Check out this interesting Urchin Bean Bag by Blackman and Cruz if you are eager to spend an extra $19500, adore sea urchins, and are in desperate need of something to sit on, no matter how strange the chair will be.

The spike-covered sea urchin inspired this enormous and beautiful leather bean bag chair. Although it has spikes, it is very comfortable to sit on.  Each of these chairs is handmade from leather and memory foam and is available in two sizes.

The chair was created to be approachable from all sides and to give the occupant a pleasant, secure, and supporting sitting. The item is both gorgeous and functional, measuring 27″ in height and 49″ in diameter.

This chair will make the perfect seating for superyachts, undersea lairs, hidden dungeons, and ultra-wealthy urchin lovers.

With opulent designs and high prices, the world of contemporary furniture never ceases to amaze. Check for more unique, expensive, and luxurious chairs here.



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