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Speaker Cloud Review

Speaker Cloud

Cloud, made by Richard Clarkson Studio, is a lighting series with an embedded Bluetooth speaker that is also meant to look and sound like a thundercloud. This amazing floating lamp speaker is what are dreams composed of.

What is it?

The item represents the LED lamp and a speaker in one.  The designer created it with the enchantment of clouds in mind and combined with the latest technological developments.

The materials used by the manufacturer are: a styrene shell and polyester fiber. There are no two identical lights – each one is unique due to the nature of the production process. The Cloud system comes in four different sizes. 


The Cloud lighting system detects a user’s presence with motion sensors and creates a flash of custom lightning and thunder performance based on their movements. The product has a strong audio system, compatible with Bluetooth. It offers color-changing lights that can adjust, switching to different colors and brightness. Moreover, nightlight and different music modes, are also available.

The future innovations

The series today uses more lasting materials. The manufacturer increased sound response. In addition, the bigger versions of the item are now available on the market.

This is a demonstration of material and programming discovery. Richard Clarkson Studio collaborated with Crealev to create a truly floating cloud without a cable using Crealev’s levitation technology.

You can buy a luxurious item for a  whopping $3,360 here.



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