Sonos Beam 2 Soundbar

Sonos Beam 2 Soundbar Review

The Beam Gen 2 impresses with its refined and enhanced audio, as well as its superb Atmos functionality.

What’s new?

The popularity of its predecessor was simple and user-friendly form and functionality, which, was surprisingly amazing. This latest model is even more impressive.

Truly saying, the new model has similarities to the previous design with the difference that the front drivers are divided into five independent arrays. Two of them replicate the sounds of Atmos media. The device uses acoustic technology that imitates the perception of heights.


The Beam 2 has the same size as the first model size and elegant curving lines.

The same LED lights and mics are on the top. A space for connectors and several operational buttons are located in the back. However, in the new device, this place is color-matched to the gadget’s hue itself.

To get the best performance of the luxury gadget you’ll need the special app. 


The Sonos Beam of the new generation has just a slight rise in price in comparison to the previous model. You can get one here, priced at $578,  and enjoy the greatest listening experience ever. You can also explore other Sonos products online.

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