Snowbot S1

Snowbot S1 Review

Having a good time while a snow-clearing robot does all the work for you? With the Snowbot S1, your winter mornings may be just like that.


The Snowbot S1 removes snow by scraping it off with a  rubber tip and shoveling it into the fitted housing. Then the robot discharges it via the chute on top, which can throw it up to 16.5 feet away.   According to the company, it can clear spaces with up to 12 inches of snow.


Of course, what distinguishes the robot is its capacity to clear snow by itself. Future upgrades will provide more forms for the region, allowing you to clear more specific places. You can even indicate the exact location where you want to throw the snow away on the provided app.

The smart snowblower will begin to work on its own after its clearing area has been specified,  producing a map of the working area. Its LIDAR system detects barriers in its route and lets it operate smoothly. It can also detect areas with extremely thick snow, running back and forth at faster rates in such areas.

It can run for up to 1.5 hours between charges thanks to a built-in battery. Anti-slip tracks, an alarm for unexpected hurdles in its path, an emergency stop button, and the ability to work in slopes up to 10 degrees are just a few of the other features.


The Snowbot S1 is under testing by the general public now. You may apply for a position as a tester straight on the website. There’s no information on when exactly it will be released.

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