Slack Review & Pricing

Slack Review & Pricing


Slack is a channel-based platform mainly built for chatting and virtual enterprise environment.

Best for

Virtual enterprise communication as well as for work organizing.

Not for

Common video, voice, or text chat.

– Massive integration with other apps.
– Bug tracking option developed by the company.
– Very user-friendly interface.
– It works with the BotKit framework, which makes 3rd party work more simplified.
– Probably the best alternative for the Microsoft Teams platform.
– The limit (in the free version) for message keeping is 10000 messages, after this, it starts to delete them from the first respectively.


StandardPlusEnterprise Gold
$6.67 per month, mainly for small and medium businesses.$12.50 per month, for large businesses and those who need some additional administration tools.For the price for this package, you have to contact the sales, in this package you get a tailor-made platform for your needs.

Free version

There is a free version of this platform in which you get:

  • 10000 messages storage,
  • 10 integrations with apps such as Google Drive, Office 365…
  • 1:1 voice and video calls.
  • It is for an unlimited period.

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