Sky ECC Review & Pricing

Sky ECC Review & Pricing


Sky ECC is a messaging platform with high complex encryption.

Best for

Those who need safe and high-quality chat applications.

Not for

Those who are looking for a common chat option.

– Probably the most secure chat and messaging platform on the market.
– There is an option, where you can, in a click to delete your whole chatting history with someone, including data such as images, documents, videos…
– They are also offering Sky ECC encrypted phones, for the maximum level of security.– It is quite expensive for a chatting option.
– Because of its high level of security it is often a choice of the criminals and terrorists for the communications and, because of it, Sky ECC is banned by the FBI.


License activation/renewal

3 month6 monthA year

Free version

  • There is no free version of this platform.
  • However, there is a 30-day trial, for which you need to put your company name.

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