Sky ECC affair situation

Sky ECC affair situation

As being one of the safest and most secure online chatting options on the market, these attributes brought a lot of risks with them. Sky ECC now facing serious legal troubles with the FBI.

What is going on?

Currently, Sky ECC has been banned in almost the whole North American region, and there is an arrest warrant against its owners. Because of the legal trouble. FBI started an investigation against them. With many claiming that their network has been used by the mafia and some criminal organizations, others say that this all is a set-up. But what are the possible reasons for this situation?

Possible reasons

Three particular reasons have been mentioned in the media these days, and they are:

  • First is the thing that the FBI wanted to have access to their servers. In other words, to have the ability to eavesdrop on all the Sky ECC’s communications. Since their security protocols have very complex encryption, it was impossible to be breached. In the end, they had to ask, which Sky ECC refused. 
  • The second reason is that the application itself becomes too much of a threat, because of its impossibility to be traced. It became very popular in the criminal world. Because of that, this was the only way to stop them to have untraceable ways of communication.
  • The third reason is that, as some parts of the FBI claim, the owners of Sky ECC have been also involved in criminal activities, such as racketeering and illegal drug distribution. 

The truth

The main question is, what is the truth? That is hard to tell from this point and to find the right answer. The situation should be followed in the next period, for new updates. You can find out more about this affair here.

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