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Sinatra FIRM SALE: The World Of The Golden Voice

Sinatra FIRM SALE: The World Of The Golden Voice

This fancy book for the Frank Sinatra 100th anniversary is limited to 1000 copies and it comes with never-before-seen images.


Frank was famous for his romantic singing style and impressive appearance. Beginning his career in the swing era, he later gain great success and continued to sing well into the 90s. Frank’s last performance took place in 1994.

Unique edition

This lavish book, put together by Frank’s granddaughter, is a very significant occasion. She has provided rare photos and text, and she has hunted down unique and previously unseen ones.

There’s no surprise that this reading creates a fantastic, very special recollection of Frank Sinatra.

This amazing book comes in a deluxe clam-shell container, signed by Nancy Sinatra, and other family members. A personalized and signed certificate of genuineness comes with every book.

There are also genuine photos of Sinatra performing with a plethora of famous musicians. 


The book is definitely the finest collection of Sinatra photos. It is vivid and attractive. Grab your copy priced at $497.69 at Bookdepository today. The quantity is limited.

Are you an avid reader looking for more rare editions?



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