Sensual Elixirs: The Harmonist Perfumes

Sensual Elixirs: The Harmonist Perfumes

A relatively young perfume manufacturer, The Harmonist, was created in 2013. It employs Feng Shui to assist people in locating their ideal fragrance.


The first collection of The Harmonist reflects Asian philosophy. The brand created a priceless assortment of 10 lavish scents from the world’s five elements working in perfect harmony. Moreover, each of them is unique and special.

The most recent perfume is from 2020. Guillaume Flavigny is the nose behind the scent.

Sacred Water Yang Parfum

You can smell citron, mandarin, and fresh ginger, immediately at the start. Then comes soft magnolia, and orange blossom. The fragrance burst ends with grey amber and cedar notes.

With a spray of this perfume, you may instantly transport yourself to the seashore and feel a rich, energizing perfume evocative of murmuring waves and salty breeze.

Matrix Metal Parfum

This one starts with very special metallic notes, cardamom, and nutmeg. Gradually developing into beautiful cyclamen and vetiver the fragrance finishes its development with sandalwood and white musk notes.

You’ve never experienced anything like this fragrance before.  It is inexplicably velvety, metallic, and peppery without being excessive. It’s difficult to define the aroma, but possibly it conjures up the sensation of crashing spicy mix in metallic pounder.

Yin Transformation Parfum

Submerging into the mysterious orchid and Bulgarian rose, with this fragrance you are softly diving deeper into almond milk and iris notes that develop into sandalwood and benzoin finish.

According to Asian philosophy, yin is a slow, soft, and watery power. This scent excellently captures the yin energy concept since it is soft, creamy, and aquatic.

The prices in the collection range from $250 -320 for a 50 ml bottle of Eau de perfum and Parfum correspondently. You can explore the whole collection and order your perfect choice of fragrance at The Harmonist’s official site.

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