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Segway Navimow Review

Segway Navimow

Segway introduced the Navimow robotic lawn mower equipped with a GPS module. With this innovative equipment, you do not need to install a separation to keep the robot in the right place on the lawn.


Its Exact Fusion positioning system offers the mower’s accuracy up to two centimeters. If the GPS signal is weak, the gadget is armed with sensors to help it keep working within a given radius.


The blades of the Navimow allow you to mow as near to the lawn’s margins as possible. Blade Halt technology detects toys or kids, as well as your home pets on the grass and stops the knives from rotating.

According to the company, this gadget can survive rain and different water jets. However, when it starts raining, the program sends the lawnmower back to the charging point.

Besides, the item can ascend to 45-degree slopes on lawns and is reasonably quiet. It has a noise level of 54 decibels.  Moreover,  the mower’s bump, ultrasonic, and lift sensors, help to detect impediments in its route.


Segway offers different Navimow models with a price range from €2,499 to €1,199  depending on the square of the lawns where they can be used. You can learn more about these items here.



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