See-doo fish pro

Sea-Doo Fish Pro Review

Jet skis for fishing were previously unavailable on the market. With the Sea-Doo Fish Pro, that is no longer the case.


Great for fishing, this watercraft helps you to keep your balance while standing. Sea-Doo is a lot bigger than a typical jet ski, yet it still appears nimble enough to get around on the water.

This PWC for three allows you to invite a friend or two along on your fishing expeditions. It has a sturdy hull that permits you to stand firmly immediately from the riding position when you come to your preferred fishing place. Moreover, you can use its saddle as a cozy bench.


A built-in 61,3 – liter cooler with a recessed work surface ensures you have adequate storage for all the fish you catch. It is safely secured to the vehicle using two LinQ points of attachment.

Speed and other features

The personal watercraft has nine pre-programmed speeds. In addition to the primary display, it has a screen with Garmin’s popular tool for navigation and fish-finding, guaranteeing you always have reliable information when navigating the sea.

A hidden beneath the bench waterproof compartment has a powered USB outlet for charging your phone. A boarding ladder, a 272 kilos weight capacity, a tow hook, and a swim deck in the back are among the other features.

 The price of the item starts at $13,899 and it is available for pre-order here.

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