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Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican by Giorgio Bonsati Set Review

Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican by Giorgio Bonsati Set

This set provides an in-depth examination of the most well-known church in the world, which is rich in history and artwork. This is one of the most amazing art-history sets ever.

The series

The collection is a part of the Mirabilia Italiae special series. It is a creative project that shows Italy’s famous architecture – from the most well-known monuments to the not-so-famous ones. This collection embodies a brand-new approach to art documentation. Mirabilia Italiae offers a fascinating trip through the Italian monuments with thorough and precise explanations on the atlas pages.

What’s inside

A complete 4-volume set, transparent acetate dust jackets, a slipcase, and the original box with a handle are all included in this First Edition. There are two languages of texts available: Italian and English. Hundreds of color photos in each atlas have an exact topographical order. In addition, drawings that show the precise placement of each detail are included with the photographs. Accompanying descriptions include notes from the top academics and scientists in the field.

 The largest and most respected Christian church is described in depth in this significant work, including both the façade and inside, as well as the famous Pietà by Michelangelo, the popes’ burial monuments, mosaics, and more. For the first time, complete coverage includes not only the Sacred Grottoes but also numerous off-limits locations like the Sacristy and Hall of Benedictions.


This set has a fine slipcase and an elegant box. The size of the books is 450 mm by 351 mm. The total quantity of pages is 2290. Moreover, the set offers 1843 color illustrations and 505 black and white ones.

Availability and price

You can buy your set at Book Depository today, at a very reasonable sale price, for 923,58 €, which will save you more than 500 €.



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