Safe And Fast: First Self-Flying Air Taxi

Safe And Fast: First Self-Flying Air Taxi

The new fully electric air taxi from Wisk Aero has made its premiere. The safe and fast vehicle is aimed at carrying four people.


2019 saw the formation of Wisk Aero as a partnership between Boeing and Kitty Hawk.

Their new machine can work as a taxi, especially in big cities without the need for a human driver. The development business is currently asking for approval to plan commercial passenger transportation. According to Wisk, their electric VTOL vehicle is unique and the first one, which is ready for certification.


The vehicle can travel at a speed of slightly more than 200 kilometers per hour. The company hopes that such taxis will be available on different numerous routes, and will work similarly to Uber through the special app.


The organization emphasizes how important safety is. Generation 6 has a streamlined design with few moving components and no oil, or gasoline to meet flying safety regulations. The creators highlight that the flying taxi has a “one-in-a-billion risk of an accident” based on its strict requirements.

Wisk wants to charge each passenger $3 per mile. Check out Wisk’s new sixths generation air taxi in this video.

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