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Rotor Case for 12 Watches Review

Rotor Case for 12 Watches

Absolute Breton is a Spanish company, dedicated to the handicraft of leather. It creates unique items and presents. In their work, they use innovative techniques, materials, and skilled masters.

Leather Artisans

Absolute Breton creates high-end luxury leather goods with flawless natural leather finishes that exhibit aspects of high quality, original artisan craftsmanship, and long-term durability.

At the company, they lovingly handcraft every item. Furthermore, using the finest natural leather from Spain, they also keep with the country’s rich traditions.

Rotor case

Absolute Breton is the author of bespoke leather goods. These goods include travel cases and boxes for the watch, watch rotors, and a lot more.

Rotor Case for 12 automatic watches has the outside dimensions of 45.5 x 13 x 35.5 cm. It works with a battery that recharges in 24 hours. Also, it comes with a power supply.

First of all, the product has outer leather and an inner satin lining of high quality. Secondly, it comes with a glass cover with a security lock, and a silver-colored key. Finally, it includes a flexible leather travel pouch for an automatic watch rotor unit. In fact, the case cost ranges from $11,000 to 13,000 depending on the leather finish.

To satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers it comes in more than 15 colors.  Learn more about this stunning gift here.



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