Rolex’s Deep Sea Watch

Rolex’s Deep Sea Watch Review

The Rolex’s Deep Sea Watch is one of the most unique and unusual timepieces in Phillips’ Geneva Watch Auction. This model is special. Its case advancements make it a truly outstanding piece from the world’s famous brand.

The creation

Professor Piccard, an oceanographer from Switzerland helped to design the timepiece. It comes with a distinctive domed glass. The designers then attached it to a solid 42mm x 62mm case.  It has the same features as the watch that was affixed to the Trieste bathyscaphe for its voyage to the deepest oceanic trench on Earth.

Features and price

The watch is a bit heavy and difficult to read from some angles, however, it is adorable and original. Another noteworthy feature is that it has the “10,908 meters”  inscription on the reverse.

Since 1970 this amazing piece has been a part of a private collection. Later on, in  2001, the watch was sold at Auktionen Dr. Crott. Now, at Phillips, its price will start from $1,315,000.

Here you can learn more about the item.

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