Rimowa's Bottle Case

Rimowa’s Bottle Case Review

RIMOWA, a well-known luggage and travel accessory manufacturer, produced a new single-purpose item for their collection. A case to carry a single bottle of liquor.

The design

The design of this case helps to protect a bottle of alcohol; the metal container is as light as a suitcase but far more functional.

The One Bottle Case can carry bottles of various sizes, thanks to an adjustable microfibre cushion structure. Its material also helps to maintain the perfect temperature.

In addition, the bottle is secure, having the lock on the case.

The symbol of luxury

People who carry a RIMOWA case for transporting bottles safely aren’t likely to use it for something cheap. This handy small case follows in the footsteps of RIMOWA’s other specific containers, such as cases for watches, all of which are united by the company’s signature sense of glossy, chic luxury design.

The One Bottle Case is a symbol of luxury, unlike many other RIMOWA’s products for a mainstream market.

You can order it for $1,720 here.

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