Ride1UP Core 5 Bike

Ride1UP Core 5 Bike Review

Ride1Up has been sparking the e-bike market since 2019 with a variety of inexpensive, and attractive models. Their produce different all-purpose e-bikes that are ideal for tours or just having a good time.

The founder

Kevin Dugger, the founder of Ride1UP wanted an e-bike that was elegant, practical, and quick. He couldn’t find one anywhere. As a result, he built it himself. This startup from California quickly become a popular brand in the USA. Now, the company produces e-bikes that are so great in giving you unparalleled levels of mobility.

Core-5 model

Today we want to present to you the Core-5 model. This is a sleek and elegant entry-level e-bike. The adjustment to a motorized bike might be difficult at times. First comes safety,  then the simplicity of operating the bike is very important.  This e-bike is practical and effective. It comes with everything to perform successfully:  tires for all areas, a sensitive suspension, and light in weight parts.


It has an outstanding capability. Moreover,  the Core-5’s compact, straightforward lines will appeal to you for sure. This e-bike is ideal for people who want something as simple as riding a bike.

Its speed ranges from 32 to 64 km with motor power of 750 watts. The battery power of the bike is  500Wh. Also, the manufacturer offers  two types of bike frames

Explore the official site for more models. You can order your Core-5 today, priced at $1,195

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