Reflective Rubber by Givenchy

Reflective Rubber by Givenchy Review

Givenchy’s ‘Monumental Mallow’ shoe range in two hues has been introduced by the label recently. These sneakers have a one-of-a-kind monochrome design that mimics a slick nylon shoe.

What’s new

The model first has been revealed last fall and since then has undergone various modifications.  This time the label has introduced a new makeover in two colors: reflective silver and sandy with worn-out effects.

The material used is matte rubber that comes as a single piece, molded to the shape of a shoe. 

The designer adds a shiny metallic tone to one pair, giving it a space-design vibe, while another is tinted in sandy shades. While standard distressed elements aren’t present, this color on its own gives the shoe a vintage appearance.


  • Low-top shoes have a reflective effect. They are very light and comfortable to wear.
  • Also, they possess a unique sculptural line.

The sneakers are available online. You can get both models for $695 at Givenchy right now.

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