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Records of the Emirates Book Set Review

Records of the Emirates Book Set

The astonishing hardcover book set published by Archive Editions, Cambridge, in 1990 is a great choice for UAE history lovers and curious-minded readers.

What’s inside

Archive Editions presents a key collection of facsimile original British government papers. It covers the historical evolution of the United Arab Emirates from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the current day.

The set offers a map box with 10 maps dating between 1826 and 1956. It also includes a collection of the United Arab Emirates genealogical tables of the governing houses of the seven Emirates. Furthermore, the collection provides historical documentation of the seven Emirates’ geopolitical, financial, and social development.

Moreover, it covers internal and exterior border negotiations. In addition, it dwells on issues of island sovereignty, constitutional reform, and military advancements. In fact, it covers the Trucial States Council and the Trucial Oman Levies, as well as municipal development, finance, medical, and air travel. Such documents provide the historical context for the Emirate’s remarkable transformation from a desert subsistence economy to contemporary city-states.

Availability and price

This is a key selection of British government documents detailing the history and development of the United Arab Emirates on nearly eight hundred pages. The set includes 12 volumes.

The price of the set is US$ 9,818. You can buy it here. As for the delivery information, the item can be shipped from multiple locations, depending on stock availability. The Book Depository also offers free shipment for it worldwide.



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