Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair Review

The manufacturer of the Razer Iskur Gaming Chair is a firm dedicated to improving the gaming experience.

The Razer Iskur is a gaming chair with an ergonomic design that aims to keep you in the best possible position when gaming for lengthy periods of time. It employs soft and firm foam cushions that adapt to whatever pressure your weight produces so that it conforms exactly to an individual’s body shape.


You can move the armrests of the Razer Iskur chair in all directions. Moreover, the gamer can even rotate them in any manner. Essentially, you can angle them to whatever arm position. This will make it possible for you to seamlessly move between any gaming controllers while keeping your arms appropriately supported.

The backrest adjusts to a maximum of 139 degrees, with additional adjustments for the headrest, so you may either relax or stay focused fully on the game. It provides enough support for your complete body.

Other features

The special synthetic leather covers the chair. It is more lasting and less prone to flaking over time than the ordinary PU leather of usual gaming chairs. Other characteristics include a steel base and metal frame. Also, the 6cm wheels, as well as a maximum supported the weight of 135,6 kg and an inclined seat edge optimize the chair.

The Razer Iskur has a price tag of $499. Here, you can get more details on the item. 

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