Raindrop-inspired Issey Miyake Perfumes

Raindrop-inspired Issey Miyake Perfumes

Lately, Issey Miyake released two luxury perfumes, inspired by the raindrop. The dates of their issue are 2021 and 2022 correspondently. Both are connected to nature with their notes, looks, and even sustainability.

A Drop d’Issey

Released in 2021 A Drop d’Issey by Issey Miyake immediately became a hit. The nose behind this fragrance is Ane Ayo. Starting with almond and rose notes it develops into a warm creamy lilac, with hints of jasmine. The whole composition finishes with soft musky vanilla and cedar notes.

A Drop d’Issey Eau de Parfum Fraiche

The very new edition of 2022 is based on rainy, aquatic notes. The nose behind this one is also Ane Ayo. Lilac is leading this fragrance again, but this time with an ozonic start.

It features a rainy harmony. Moreover, it presents lilac and rose flowers and revived with aquatic notes that add even more pristine brightness. A mellow, woodsy base nuance is the foundation of the perfume’s entire fragrance picture.

Both perfumes have unique bottles, round-shaped as the reminiscence of a raindrop. The first is sparkingly transparent, but the second has a deep greenish-blue shade.

Where to get

To reduce the environmental footprint, the raw materials for the fragrances’ production were carefully chosen. You can buy A Drop d’Issey fragrance and A Drop d’Issey Eau de Parfum Fraiche priced at the brand’s official site.

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