Quadski for Him & Her Review

Riding the Quadski is a thrilling experience! It will satisfy your spirit of discovery. In addition, the device provides lively and reliable performance on both land and water, reaching speeds of 45 mph.

Vilebrequin, a swimsuit firm, has branded the Quadski. The mascot of the swimsuit brand, the Sea Turtle, is splattered all over each item.

Neiman Marcus donated $1,500 for every Vilebrequin Quadski purchase to his foundation, which supports young artists.

Additional information

Each item has:

• 4-cylinder BMW engine;

• Swaps between water and land in a few seconds;

• The highest land and water speed is up to 45 mph. 

The Qadski costs $ 50,000 and comes with a trip to the Gibbs test center in Florida. It ushers in a new age of action-packed, go-anywhere fun. You no longer have to pick between land and water. And at last, this unique device allows you to explore the world in ways you never have before. Climb aboard and feel the freedom!

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