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Pyro Camp Fire Review

Pyro Camp Fire

The Pyro Camp Fire + Grill is a compact stainless steel fire pit for campers who wish to burn wood or charcoal securely and cleanly for warmth and cooking.

Size and material

The item’s manufacturer is Pyro company from the United States. It weighs 14.5 pounds and is 45,7 cm long, 35,6 cm wide, and 23cm tall. Standard chopped firewood may be used to fuel the Pyro Camp Fire. It also includes a fire screen and an ash collecting base.

Encircling the fire in a protective grid of perforated stainless steel provides great airflow for efficient and perfect burning while confining burning particles, resulting in a safer burning experience.


For easy maintenance and disposal, a detachable solid stainless steel base collects ash and debris that falls from the combustion chamber above.

You can easily remove the fire screen for a more authentic open campfire experience and to burn huge chunks of wood.

It’s easy to move it to your preferred camping site because of its lightweight. However, even with such weight, the construction is safe and durable. 

This fire pit is the right size for any modern garden, and it also has the perfect aesthetic. It’s simple to clean and operate.

You can order the item for a reasonable price of $249 here.



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