Premiers Grands Crus

Premiers Grands Crus- Review


Premiers Grand Crus is an online shop that sells luxurious alcohol drinks.

Best for     

Fast and worldwide delivery of luxurious drinks.

Not for      

Buying exclusive drinks.

– Website is very easy to navigate,
– Excellent customer support.
– Price range of the drinks starts from $25.Although it has an exclusive drinks section, there is not that much choice.

Best choices

In our opinion, some of the best choices that you can find at Premiers Grand Curs are: (All the prices are listed after taxes

  • Louis Roederer Cristal 2009 Champagne, priced at $313.90,
  • Prunier 1969 Prunier Cognac Grande Champagne, priced at $473,
  • Tesseron Lot 29 XO Exception Cognac Grande Champagne, priced at $509.35.

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