Prada’s Interactive Light Installation

Prada’s Interactive Light Installation

Prada has debuted with Tropico, an immersive light display with summer bright geometric embellishments, within Bergdorf Goodman’s store windows.

The idea

The concept’s idea, which possesses the airy spirit of lights, mixes tropical colors and through geometric patterns inside the legendary department store’s window areas. The exhibit, which has a definite summer vibe, features outfits for vacations with triangular patterns that radiate vibrant shades in green, yellow, red, white, and tangerine.

The installation is accompanied by a Prada individual playlist, which includes songs by  Flying Lotus, among others.

Inside the collection

Prada arranges this collection with comforting essentials on display, including silk blouses, handbags, striped bucket hats with Prada insignia, and many other items. Diagonal rays radiate the rainbow colors of summer, which contrast with the fashion and accessories collection. Tropico’s aesthetic concept is vibrant, bright, and impersonalizes summer itself in all its bloom.

Tropico will be on display through March 22 at Bergdorf Goodman. The installation will be moved to Prada’s Broadway store later this month.

You can find more about Tropico’s locations here.

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