Prada's Сrystal-Covered Loafers

Prada’s Сrystal-Covered Loafers Review

Look no further than Prada’s latest pair of glittering loafers if you prefer to look gorgeous throughout this holiday season. The shoes bring to life the traditional penny loafers with a thick rubber bottom for a modern touch and have a rounded, noticeable toe.

The sleek shapes of Prada loafers are perfect for work and weekend wear. One of the most standing out models is glittering loafers inspired by the Christmas season.

The whole top of these satin loafers shines with glittering crystals, except for the iconic Prada logo that adorns the strap. Because light reflects from the crystals to produce a shimmering changing look with each move, the crystals not only add a funky touch but also let the person who wears shoes experiment with how colors and light may work and benefit an ensemble.

The loafers also have a 35mm heel, and a traditional loafer shape. The pair is made of flexible rubber and features a notched welt stitch all over the sole. These shoes are the best choice for a special holiday event.

The shimmering shoes to adorn your holiday season are currently available in-store and online for $1,550.

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