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Portless Catamaran: Party Boat That Fits In Your Trunk

Portless Catamaran: Party Boat That Fits In Your Trunk

A Hungarian company has created the Portless Catamaran, an inflatable boat for usage in a diverse range of water bodies that offers guests a convenient and secure means of transportation.


Many people cannot afford party boats, for the main reasons – high price and no room to store one. However, DDD Manufaktura makes party boats much more affordable for usual customers. Their electric boat, the Portless Catamaran, has two decks and can accommodate up to eight passengers. Additionally, it is inflatable and has an incredibly small size for transportation. The typical Portless Catamaran weighs 265 pounds when it is first assembled and can fit in a car trunk.

There are two models of inflatable catamaran: a smaller regular model that can hold four to six people and a larger Deluxe Catamaran that can hold up to eight people.

Features and design

The vast main deck and three square meter top level give guests the ideal space they need for enjoyment.

An electric motor powers the Portless Catamaran. However, a 200W solar panel may be utilized to essentially increase the range for long day journeys with no interruption.



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