Popular Coronavirus vaccine myths

Popular Coronavirus vaccine myths

With the breakthrough of the vaccine for Coronavirus, many doubts have been raised. Most of them are coming, traditionally, from anti-vax society members, but there is also a lot of information coming that is confusing people whether it is a fact of a myth.

About the vaccine

With the start of December, vaccine, like Pfizer’s, has been put in public use for the first time. Countries like Canada, the USA, and the United Kingdom have already ordered more vaccines than the number of their population. With this, many doubts came, as well as some conspiracy theories, often followed by false information. Some of the most popular will be listed now.

Coronavirus myths

Here are the top five myths about the COVID-19 vaccine. It will be listed and briefly debunked.

  • Not safe because of quick developing,

This is a myth that probably came from gathering information about vaccines in general, because, usually it takes a few years for the vaccine to be developed. But, since it was an urgent matter, experts ensure us that, even it was quick, the testing took its time as it should in normal situations.

  • Long-term side effects,

Again false accusation, since any side effect of the vaccine, such as allergy will show its symptoms in the next couple of minutes after the receiving.

  • You can get infected with the virus by the vaccine,

This is a false myth because every vaccine, in general, doesn’t contain any live viruses, it only has a weakened version of it, which cannot infect you, but on which our immunity system will respond with making antibodies.

  • No need for a vaccine if I already had Coronavirus,

This one is partly true because you are somewhat safe from the COVID-19 if you already had it, but test for the virus could be mistaken since it is not 100% proved. The best way to protect yourself is the vaccine.

  • No need for mask or social distancing after vaccination,

This one is a myth also. Even when the majority number of countries and their populations finish with the vaccination process, there is still a certain number of people for which vaccine won’t be effective (since vaccines, in general, are 95% effective). But in the first phases of vaccination, the mask is still a must, because if you received it, it doesn’t mean someone else also has.

How to tell what is a myth and what is a fact?

The best way of this is to follow what official health institutions are announcing. Another way is to follow websites or blogs with some scientific background behind their posts about it. With all this, you can classify some information that came to you whether it is a fact or a myth. You can find more myths about the Coronavirus here.



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