Perfume of the Future

Perfume of the Future

Perfumiers from the PUIG group working with Paco Rabanne created the spirited and attractive fragrance of the future.

The fragrance

The latest fragrance from Paco Rabanne is called Phantom. Its bottle is shaped like a robot and has the Paco Rabanne emblem on it. The perfume comes in 100ml and 150ml.

What’s new?

Phantom is not a usual perfume bottle. It opens the door to a whole universe of digital goods with the NFC tag placed on its top. All you have to do is tap your phone on the tag. Interactive filters, personalized playlists, and augmented reality filters will be available as a reward for purchasing the bottle.

You will be able to choose a playlist of songs of that day on Spotify. Also, you will get access to Phantom Philter, the unique filter on Instagram. There are other benefits, which have not been revealed yet.

Launch date

The fragrance was tested on customers. According to their words, the fragrance made them feel sexy and energetic. The release date of the fragrance is set to August, 1. There’s still no full information on the price.

For more information about the new Paco Rabanne’s fragrance check here.

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